Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Who's overcalling?

Would you overcall in this situation (playing imps)?


pass - (1S) - ?


Partner is a passed hand and you are vulnerable (the opps not).
Stepping up or not?

I'd say the mainstream 'expert view' is pass (WTP?).

Anyone who's been reading my previous post should know a thing or two about my views on the subject of 2-level overcalls, "the suit quality paradox" especially. Here we have above average strength and a less than robust suit, still I'd overcall for sure.

This is a hand from the Bermuda Bowl final 2009 in Sao Paolo. A couple of the most successful players in ACBL-land both overcalled. Eric Rodwell and Lynn Deas both came in with 2D, an action not duplicated at the other table in either match.

Was this a desperate attempt to create a swing? I doubt it. This was board 22 (of 128 deals in Open final, 96 deals in Women) and after the first stanza, USA led Italy 54-19 in the Open but trailed China in the Womens with 27-68.

What was the outcome of this 'frivolous' action? Not much actually. It was a partscore deal with your side having the highest partscore, double-dummy, in 4D and opps cold for 3S. Everyone sold out to 2 or 3S (overcall or no overcall) making 8 or 9 tricks. Partner had K72/872/K95/T932.

Which probably begs the question: What's my point then?

My point is that a couple of players some people maybe would consider a notch above "mainstream experts" seems (to at least some extent) share my view that this is a winning strategy. How about that?