Sunday, December 9, 2007

Overcalling for the lead - the other way around

Most are familiar with light overcalls with good suits to help partner finding the best lead. What may be overlooked is that overcalls may be made for the opposite reason, to find out what YOU are going to lead.

Still 1st division in Denmark, round-robin 36 board matches. I was dealt this one (red/white):


After pass on my right, I passed and LHO opened 1C. My RHO responded 1D and I slipped in a seemingly meaning-less 1S, Lauria-style (he's overcalling-crazy btw - and ranked no 1 in the world).

The next hand doubled, showing a good hand without suitable rebid and after partner passed and the guy on my right rebid 1NT, leftie raised to 3NT.

So now we pretty mych know a spade lead is unlikely to be successful. Therefore I led a heart.


Jackpot and we cashed out for +50 and 11 imps vs 520 and the other table.

If you think the opponents messed up an easy board, you are maybe correct, but this was arguably one of the best pairs in Denmark and when playing good opponents you certainly need to 'shove' them a little bit.

For whatever reason we won the imps, and you might come to a different conclusion than I do as to the reason for that occurence, we happily took them.


Sartaj said...

I suppose Lauria would've overcalled 1H with your pd's hand too. And this would help them right-side 3NT.
Hang on, that 1H might see our side in 4H. Cool...Bid bid bid !

Eric said...

In the Roth Teams in New Orleans 2010

Dealer: East, North-South Vulnerable

H --
D AQJ103
C Q54

Versace Lauria
S J9875 S 3
H J53 H 109762
D 7 D K8652
C J962 C 108
S 108
D 94
C AK73

The bidding proceeded:

Versace Partner Lauria Me
West North East South
-- -- Pass 1H
1S! 2D Pass 3C(1)
Pass 3S Pass 4H
Pass 6NT Pass Pass

(1) Extras

Because of the 1S overcall our side got to 6NT making six.
Our opponents on the other table got to 6S down one on a spade break. So our side won 17 imps.