Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What's up?

As can be deduced, the blog isn't alive in any sense of the word nowadays. If you found your way here I hope you find some interesting material in the archive.

A short update:

I'm no longer playing with Frederic Wrang. That ended after the Europeans in Pau last summer.

I have a new partnership with BG Olofsson (BGO@BBO). We're headed for the NABC's next year on Bob Hollman's team with fellow Swedes, Upmark-Cullin.

The main reason for not blogging anymore is that my 'spare' time is spent on writing a book about slam bidding. Don't know the time table but progressing somewhat steadily.

For fun I entered, and managed to win, the 2008 Australian bidding forum ( and will now be a panelist for at least a year. I will also write a couple of articles for the magazine.

I'm likely to resume the blogging at some point in the future but no predictions now.

Have a great 2009 bridge year.

1 comment:

Paul said...

It's a shame that the slam bidding book is not available, as I am supposed to be coaching the Scottish women in the subject next month!