Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Dutch training weekend

Time to start my own bridge blog. This blog will focus on bidding judgement and theory as well as observations from the bridge table. Anything goes ;-)

First up is a hand from a training weekend i Holland this January against Team Orange. Sweden was invited and this was the first time I ever played with my new partner Frederic Wrang.

Playing against Bas Drijver and Sjoert Brink, this was board 1 with Bas on my [left] side of the screen, on BBO viewgraph:

All White, my hand was Q97xx/Kxx/Tx/T9x.

The bidding started on my left:

(2H) [weak in H or S] - X - (pass) - 2S;
(pass) - 3S - (pass) - 4S;
(X) all pass

4S was probably way too optimistic in a new partnership but I didn't want to miss a game and as Kokish so elegantly phrases it: You can't cut it too fine!

Bas promptly doubled and tabled heart J. Dummy comes down with:



This doesn't take long. It's obvious that Bas doubled with a spade void and the club ace. 6 hearts is shown by the opening bid.

Ace of hearts, spade to the seven (heart discard), K of hearts, ruff with the spade ace and another spade from dummy. +590

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