Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Length in enemy suit - good or anus?

It's widely regarded that having length in the opening suit, typically 4, is a plus feature when considering an overcall in direct position. This has been put forward by Mike Lawrence, the theory beeing that it's now better odds to find support from partner in your suit and potential shortness and to be able to ruff losers without risking overruffs.

I accept this at the 1-level but am convinced that 2-level overcalls in a lower ranking suit should *never* be done with 4 cards in opened suit. People not listening has come to regret this advice.

As of lateley, I've come to extend this when considering a 2-level overcall after a natural 2 Club opening (Precision etc). A hand from the Camrose series recently, that I watched on BBO, gave me a clue.

So, when practising against Cullin-Upmark and this hand came up I was well prepared. All vul and I had Axx/AK98x/Q/QTxx. P-O Cullin opened 2C (classic Precision) and I passed without any hesitation. If partner was a passed hand? That really doesn't matter as any decision about overcalling should never be based on finding partner with an opening hand.

2C was passed out and this was the full deal:


The contract went one off (should've been two) and 2H was a couple off as well. This doesn't exactly makes me change my mind about length in enemy suit...

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