Thursday, April 5, 2007

'Being Ulf' - part 2

On all 3 deals I was a defender and succeded in diverting the declarer from making the contract by playing 2nd hand high. This is not really a difficult play, just something that you should keep in mind and be able to do 'in tempo' or you ruin the 'illusion'.

Deal 1


Playing 6D, declarer won the K of H, ruffed a heart to hand and led a spade up. I inserted the K and that convinced declarer that spades weren't breaking, so he turned his attention to the club suit instead, playing 3 rounds without touching trumps. A 4th round saw him ruff high in dummy and finesse in diamonds...

The only other table in slam (imp-league match, same boards all matches) made an overtrick.

Deal 2


4H with spade T lead, 2nd round East played the queen. Declarer now abandoned spades and played heart to the ace and another one. Down 1, a bit unluckily, when I could win and push a club through and there were no winning choice.

Deal 3


6S on a diamond lead, heart finesse and spade to the king and ace. Declarer went for the 5-1 trump break by leading a low to dummy, which I won the the J to give partner a ruff for the setting trick.

Be on the lookout for '2nd hand high' plays.

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Csaba said...

hand 3 is especially nice I think :) bravo