Thursday, April 19, 2007

The grave yard - part 3

Finding examples for the fact that acting with shortness in opened major after (1M) - p - (1NT) is seriously dangerous is rather easy. This is something that even the world champions seems to have failed to grasp. The only good results come when you can catch the opponents, which of course happens from time to time. It's more frequent that you get spanked.

Here's a deal from the Cayne team game at BBO the other weekend.


Reisig and Nunes had this hand as dealer, white vs red, and passed but neither could resist a take-out X after (1H) - p - (1NT) came around to them. This certainly looks attractive with the best possible shape, 4 card spades and favorable vulnerability. So, how bad did it end?

Full deal:


Helness-Helgemo nailed Fantoni-Nunes in 2S after XX by Geir for 3 down and +500 with no game on for their side. That was good (bad) for -14 imps!

At the other table Seamon-Cayne extracted +1400 vs 3D! East, Garozzo, first tried 2D then 2S and got preference to 3D. Losing that many tricks looks like a 'misclick' or two; I guess the 'great one' didn't give it his best effort.

My view should be pretty clear by now.


Anonymous said...

Ulf, I have started reading your blogs. They are great. You have a flair for writing and make things come alive. Unfortunately I don't get to play much these days as I live in Laos and there is no Bridge here. I hope to see you post more of these and also on BBO forums. Not so sure I agree with one of your theories about coming in on an auction like (1H P (1N) on a good 4135 or similar, but would be interested to see someone do some simulations on this.
Cheers, Ron (the_hog on bbo)

ulven said...

Ron, thanks for your kind words. It's ok to disagree ;-) I hope I make people think about these seemingly routine actions that have a tendency to go wrong.

As for simulations, I don't have time for doing one of those, and I'm convinced anyway.

I'm not sure how long I'll keep posting this frequently as it takes some effort which I feel is 'verloading' me a bit now.

I check the BBO forums almost every day (nice to read your frequent contributions), but I think I'll stay away from posting.

Feel free so send stuff/auctions you want me to comment on. Makes it easier to keep this going.