Thursday, January 10, 2008

'Creative' effort

Against Thomas Berg, former teammate and the sports agent for rising female tennis star Caroline Wozniacki (, we got outmanuevered in a shrewd operation. He had


Vul vs not, partner opened 1NT showing 12-14 and the next hand doubles showing a strong hand. Any last thoughts?

Thomas found the creative 2H which was a success when we happened to play doubles as penalty over 2m and negative over 2M! I had an opening hand with 5H and eagerly awaited a reopening double that never came when HÃ¥kan had too many hearts and the contract drifted 5 off for a 2 imp gain vs 4H making +420 at the other table!

When successful, bids like 2H is called 'creative' or 'imaginative' or 'brilliant' (if Zia makes them), when unsuccessful, they're 'idiotic', 'lunatic', 'madness' etc. As always it's the outcome that decides the label... ;-)

Lesson of the day: play penalty doubles over 2M as well (if you don't already).


Paul said...

I'm a little surprised that pass over 2♥ is non-forcing, as most of us would play it as forcing in the UK (whatever double means in this seat).

Usually the debate is whether you should extend this to a 2♠ overcall.

ulven said...

Here I usually play pass forcing over 2m and negative over 2M, using same methods over 2M+ as if we opened 1NT and got a 2M overcall.