Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Greater reward

The same match I picked up:

All red and partner passes, my RHO opens 1D natural (4+) and I pass. LHO jumps to 2S weak and partner surprisingly comes to life with a takeout double! Next guy passes and it's your call. What do you choose?

What are the choices? We could bid a feeble 3C or probe with 3D/3S. Maybe an invitational 4C or just stab 5C. What does partner have? This is a somewhat dangerous position for partner to get into, passed hand or not, and he should have some useful shape, maybe 5-card hearts.

Forsaking science for practicality, and with the extra chance that RHO might sacrifice with 4S with some hands he checked with this round, I pretty quickly decided to bid a confident 4H on my 'nice' T98. For 5C to be right it has to be a 2-trick better contract (11 vs 9) and I should be able to ruff some spade losers.

This was the layout:


After West failed to find the trump lead (confident 4H instead of wiggling into it, maybe helped), instead opting for partner's suit, the hand played itself for a crossruff and +620.

Imps is sometimes, bidding wise, a strange mix of taking chances, going scientific and being practical with a sense for the auction. The trick is knowing when to pick the right club out of the bag and then the 'big shuffler in the sky' has a propensity for rewarding you.

Or am I only rambling to cover up dumb luck...?


Paul said...

Interesting double from your partner.

I wonder if he'd have bid 4♥ if he'd passed and let you double? Or would he just take the +500?

francesco76 said...

Hi Ulf, happy 2008 from Italy. Me and Jan are very glad too see you aticles agian after some mounths break. Keep up the good work!!

We are keeping many good suggestions and ideas from your experiences.


ulven said...

Thanks for checking in and happy 2008 to all of you.

Paul, I think he would have bid 4H over double, never asked though.