Friday, March 2, 2007

Best bulletins

Serious players read World Championship book and tournament reports to analyse, improve and observe the best partnerships in action. Others may read just for fun.

Whatever the reasons, reading bulletins from various tournaments is often of a lesser value, bridge-wise, as they focus on results and often just some highlighted deals. Bulletins from WBF & EBL events are pretty good though.

A brilliant exception is the bulletins from the NEC Bridge Festival (played in Yokohama every Feb); this year was the 12th time.

Web site here:

The bulletins are produced by Eric Kokish & Richard Colker, with Barry Rigal filling in for Kokish this year (good job!). These bulletins are just superb and, in my view, of higher quality than the reports in the World Championships books.

In the archives now you can find hundreds of pages. Go get them. Now.

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