Thursday, March 15, 2007

Game on the line

This match wasn't letting up. On the very next board, my hand looked like this: Axxxxx/xxx/JTx/x

The auction started the same at both tables: 1NT (14-16) by LHO and partner overcalled, red vs white, with a constructive 2H. Now the paths diverged. The Swedish RHO, Krister Ahlesved, passed and so did the others, leading to +170 when the normal maximum was 9 tricks.

My RHO made a take-out X and I jumped a bit aggrressively to 4H, properly X-ed to my left. Mihov led the K of spades, but on this deal there were no cows within miles.



Frederic made short work of the hand, composing himself like a true professional after the previous mishap. Ace of spades ditching a diamond, club from dummy, RHO jumps ace and shifts to the obvious trump. Frederic inserts the J, felling the T, ruffs a club and leads a diamond, conceding a club later for +790.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

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