Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Camrose exhibit

In an early post I showed a deal where I didn't overcall a natural 2C with 3-5-1-4 shape. I mentioned a Camrose deal that got me thinking that one should be careful with club length. Here the evidence is submitted to the "court":

W/all vul/imps


At one table Justin Hackett overcalled 2H after a Precision 2C-opening (against Ireland's Garvey-Carroll) and bought it for 3 down, -300.

At the other table Arthur Malinowski and Niklas Sandqvist (our old Swedish buddy!) also opened 2C, playing a Polish Club variation, but here Hanlon passed and Nick tried 2D and then 3D after 2S-reply. That drifted 3 off as well for 12 imps to Ireland.

Admittedly, on this North hand passing a more attractive, but still only the Irish reached for the green piece (and it wasn't even St Patrick's Day). And you can bet there are English players who thinks this was an unlucky result (the English commentators on BBO did).

I know how I feel. What do you think?


Csaba said...

I have the way that heart suit looks... That said I'll have a hard time trying to pass a 15-count. But I'm sure it's the right thing... With short clubs X "feels" right but with long clubs I'd overcall only if I had a very good reason. i.e. (rearranging the original hand) x AKQTx xxx AQTx.

Csaba said...

sorry. should be "I hate the way".