Thursday, May 24, 2007

Meet the 'raccoon'

"What did you do on board 21?" Teammates had played a partscore in spades and we were +800. They were naturally curious. "The raccoon", I replied. My hand was:


We were white vs red and RHO opened 1NT showing 13-16 (only a major if max). I contemplated overcalling a constructive 2H, but settled for the semi-obvious double in the end. They were vulnerable after all.

Bidding continued pass - pass - 2H! That's the raccoon! A bid that makes you mentally do a raccoon imitation, more or less, seriously rubbing your eyes in circles. Did my eyes just trick me! An unexpected bid in your best suit at a level and the foam starts to appear in your mouth. A raccoon is of course normally followed by a penalty double, if possible.

Partner did not have much, so it wasn't a 4-figure score but who cares. You still love that little creature.


Andreas K said...

Had no idea you had such a great interest in zoology

Shen Ting said...

They didn't run after 2H was Xed?