Wednesday, May 30, 2007

No more?

Yesterday I got a SMS from our family doctor asking about the lack of updates here. I guess I should be thankful someone reads it. "Is it dead?", he asked (typical medical qustion ;).

No, but it's definitely slowing down. It takes time and effort and I now need a little rest from this. I've started a book project and is doing some teaching over the Internet. It all takes time and I'm not a full-time pro; I've got 3 little kids, a house and a full-time day job. Something's gotta give.

I'll write when I feel like or when I've played or read/watched something that can be written about.

In a few weeks I'll be going to Antalya, Turkey, for the 3rd Open European Championships. We'll be playing the team event with a couple of South Africans (Alon Apteker & Craig Cower) who's on their Open Team for Bermuda Bowl in Shanghai this fall. That should be a lot of fun and expect a report from that.

We're also booked for the fall NABC in San Francisco (the team events; anyone for the Blue Ribbons?).

Look back here from time to time (or use RSS feeds). I might go back to "posting frenzy" again if the mood comes back.


Niklas Warne said...

I regularly read it and enjoy it, so keep up the good work, Ulf!

ulven said...

Thanks for your supportive words.

Iwe said...

I am reading your blog with great satisfaction so just keep up at your own pace. And break a leg in your forthcoming events.
Iwe Persson, Lunds BK

ulven said...

Thanks. I'll keep posting when the inspiration is there.